Clear-bra Paint Protection

Keeping your new car looking new is not just wishful thinking. We can keep your new car looking new with our paint protection services.

Please call for specific pricing, fine details and recommendations on surface coverage.

Paint pretection films and coatings

Paint protection film, also known as clear-bra replaces the old and unsightly leather bras strapped to your bumper. Products now available and product we have mastered can now invisibly protect your car from road and environmental hazards. These include hazards like rock chips, road debris as tar, minor accidents, parking lot damages, and some forms of vandalism. A completely clear film can be applied to all most, if not all painted surfaces for extreme protection.

Regardless if your car is a track monster, daily driver, or the soccer team shuttle car any car will benefit from paint protection film.

Paint coatings

We offer an array of high end paint protection coatings. Our cars clear coat is hard to the touch, but can be quite fragile when battling the elements! We have solutions for traditional wax sealers, semi-permanents ceramic sealants, and even permanent paint protection coatings. If you've ever battled bird dropping spots, tree sap, hard water spots and other incidents you can benefit from any of these services!