Clear Paint Protection

We offer 3M Clear Paint Protection Films.

  • Custom Made for Your Vehicle to insure a precise fit.
  • Virtually invisible.
  • Durable UV layer.
  • Protect from Road Rash and Stone Chips.
  • Body-Side Moldings

We will install body side molding to protect your door panels from dings and scratches, the moldings are painted to match! Also avaliable in chrome.

Clear Bra Protection

Protect the beauty and integrity of your vehicle's paint finish!

Our clear paint protection films are custom made for your vehicle to insure a precise fit. They're virtually invisible and offer a durable UV layer, as well as protect your car from bugs, dirt, road salt, sand, small road debris, scratches, chips and nicks to the paint.

We are very confident we offer the best clear paint protection film at a competitive price. Our trained and skilled installers will make sure the film is applied to your car correctly the first time.

To keep your car looking its best, call us today for a clear paint protection film to be applied to your vehicle!

Don't Forget About Our Aesthetic Services

Gold Plating

  • Plate any chrome emblems with 24k gold!
  • Add Warmth and Elegance.
  • Body Side Moldings
  • OEM Styles.
  • Painted to match.
  • Installed by experts.

We do lots more too!